Rode NT1-A

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Great for audio books and where detail to articulation is required.

The Rode (pronounced “Road”) NT1a is known for it’s clarity and very detailed recording. Wen you read reviews of this mic the common threads are “bright”, and “detailed”, but to some ears it can also be “harsh”.  The microphone has a boost in the high frequencies — often called a “presence boost” that can sometimes make the “ss” sounds seem too sharp.

Grab your best headphones and take a listen to RODEs playlist of recordings made by the NT1-A

The ACX blog suggests the NT1-A as a good option for recording Audiobooks in their list of suggested equipment, noting “this option is a great starter kit, as it comes with the microphone, cable, shock mount and pop screen.”.

It’s also on the ACX Recommends list, in their article for audiobook narrators home studio setups, noting “One of our favorite starter microphones of this type is the Rode NT1-A,”

Edge Studio also puts the NT1-A on their reccomended Mic List, saying:

The Rode NT1A has ultra-low self noise which means you can record quiet passages without worry of competing with the noise the mic is generating. The low self noise ensures that even the faintest whisper will be captured with exceptional detail.




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